HomeShield Team Services and Inspections

Pest Control

Pest Control Exterior Treatment 

Boundary and Perimeter Treatments
We apply a long lasting residual material to the exterior of your home and yard. treat all entry's and look for any cracks and treat them that could lead into your home  – the products we use for your home are the same ones we use around schools, hospitals and offices.
HomeShield has certified technicians that identify your specific problem and inform you on the best method of treatment. we provide Better solutions, Better product, Better prices and the Best service GUARANTEED!!!

Pest control Interior Treatments

Interior areas will always be inspected and treated during our initial service. Every home is different and we need to ensure we are addressing your needs. Once your initial service is completed we can normally maintain your property from the exterior but we will always treat the interior if you request it to be done. Many of our customers have the interior done  just to make sure there is a protective barrier laid down. A combination of residual insecticides, baits and traps may be used based on your concerns and particular pests.

Termite Infestation

The most important step in protecting your property is a thorough inspection by a certified termite control specialist. If a termite infestation is found, the specialist can design a treatment plan for your property that will control a current infestation and establish a chemical barrier around the structure to take care of future termite infestations.

Preventive Termite Care

HomeShield offers preventive termite care to protect your home from damage that could lead to costly repairs.Our termite certified control specialist will design a barrier to keep your home safe from termite infestations.

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A Wood Destroying Insect Report  is usually required by the lending institution.

We recommend a report on any house that you wish to buy. It just may save you thousands upon thousands of dollars of structural repair in the future!...FREE Second Opinions

Are you unsure about the report that another company issued, we understand that not every Inspector is the same and mistakes can happen. Experience is a big key to the proper identification of a Wood Destroying Insect problem.

Just contact us and we will at no charge, offer you a second opinion on the findings.

Pretreat Information/New Construction Treatment

Our Construction Team is dedicated to providing superior services to the Builder Market. We know how important time is to a builder and that time is money! That’s why we have a team in place that is specifically dedicated to your needs by providing:
  • Prompt scheduling
  • Quick response time
  • High quality service
  • Accurate paperwork
  • Best Warranties
  • Centralized scheduling and billing
  • Convenient emailing of closing documents
  • Online letter ordering
  • Online scheduling
  • Real Estate Inspections
  • Prompt WDIIR reports for closing
  • Professional
  • Thorough Inspection
  • Accurate Reports
  • Customer Service 7 days a week

HomeShield Termite Warranties

We Offer Lifetime Warranties

Did you know that termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year, and that the damage is not covered by homeowners insurance?

You will need a separate termite warranty.

If you purchase an existing home, the seller will be able to transfer the existing warranty to you. If there is not an existing termite warranty then you can purchase a termite warranty when you buy the home.

If your selling your home we can warranty your home from termites to give the purchaser peace of mind.

We offer treated and non-treated warranties.

Home Shield offers different warranties from 1 year, 5 year, 10 years and lifetime warranties.

We will perform a complete property inspection for residential, multi-family or commercial properties. All termite inspections and estimates are FREE!

We are proud to be trained as Termidor Certified Professionals.Only licensed technician who have completed the official Termidor training program can treat your home with Termidor Termiticide. Our Certified Professionals have passed a Termidor certification exam, and been officially certified by BASF to use and apply Termidor Termiticide.

Before we perform any treatment to your home we make a through, detailed inspection. We determine if you have any current infestations of termites and the type of foundation/construction of your home. We may also point out any conducive conditions associated with termite harborage areas or possible points of entry for termites. These inspection details allow us to use our years of experience and training to determine the best method of treatment.